How Do You Spy On Pets?

Whether you suspect your pet is misbehaving in your absence or just curious about what they’re doing during the day, there are plenty of ways to spy on them remotely. Such vigilance can help you exercise and allow you to stay on top of things even if you are not physically present.

Web Camera:

One of the easiest ways to observe your dog during the day is to install a webcam, commonly known as a webcam, in your home. These devices connect to the Internet through the router and send live images of your puppy’s activities to a website that you can access with a password. Place the webcam in an area of ​​your home that Fido frequents such as near his money or his dishes. You can even set up multiple cameras to monitor its activities throughout your home. Since you can access the camera through the web, you can also spy on Fido even using your smartphone.

Collar Camera:

According to Animal Planet, attach a pet camera to Fido’s collar if you want to see the world from his point of view. These small devices can take video images or a series of photos every few minutes for a period of time, which are then saved on the device for you to download to your computer. While these types of devices don’t give you real-time access to what Fido is doing, you can get an idea of ​​the things in your home and garden that he sees during the day as you see it. You can also watch him during the day at the dog daycare or at a dog walker what he does.

Other Solutions:

Set up a video camera to record Fido’s daily activities around your home, or keep a voice recorder on to see if your puppy barks continuously while you are away. You can also set up a simple baby monitor or security camera to keep an eye on your puppy when he’s in another room or in your yard.

With hands-free walkie-talkies, you can monitor Fido in another room and you can talk to him via the device. For a low-tech solution, just leave your home as usual and peek out the window to watch your dog’s behavior and see what he does when he’s alone.


Spying on your dog can help resolve problems with improper urination, destructive chewing, and excessive barking due to separation anxiety when your pup is alone, according to the Humane Society of the United States.

if your puppy can get into the yard through a pet gate some video surveillance systems even give you two-way communication through a webcam with a speaker so you can discipline Fido from your office. Your pup in a dog daycare, ask the administrators if pet webcams are available to see Fido during the day and see what he’s doing; many institutions offer this service.

Simple strategies for spying on pets:

There are some really simple strategies to spy on your pets. If your pet is an inside pet, try the following:-

  • Place sheets of newspaper on beds, couches, and even in hallways – the more ruffled they are, the more your pet is using the area in which they are placed.
  • If you have wooden or tiled floors, puff Talcum Powder into doorways or hallways to determine where your pet is traveling during the day – lots of paw prints mean lots of activity. If your dog is really distressed, you may also be able to detect dog slobber in the talcum powder. (If you see that, it’s serious – contact us for advice.)
  • If you have white tiles. use the colored builder’s chalk commonly used in string lines.
  • Detect movement of pets into various rooms of your house or parts of your garden by placing cotton ‘trip wires’ between blobs of Blu Tack or similar put across entrance ways or across pathways.

To Sum Up:

WiFi spy cameras and 4G cameras are ideal for many situations at home and in the office, including keeping an eye on your beloved pets when you are outside or at work. Leaving a cat or dog unattended for more than 8 hours a day while you are at work or in the care of a parent or pet sitter is imperative that you know they are comfortable and in good hands.

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