How Can I Watch My Puppy Home Alone?

If you are a pet owner, the idea of checking in on your furry friends while you’re out of the home has probably crossed your mind. Whether you have a new puppy, an older cat, or even a friendly ferret, pet owners now have the ability not only to see what your fur babies are up to, but also interact with them, reprimand them, and even give treats with pet cameras.

You can use your in-home security or a baby camera, but a dedicated pet camera can be a game-changer and the answer to many pet-related issues. One of the hardest things to do for pet owners is to leave their pets alone. Whether you want to help with separation anxiety or see what your new puppy is up to while you’re away, pet cameras can give you peace of mind and keep your furry friends entertained. You can ensure your pet is safe (and not chewing your furniture) while you’re gone. Additionally, pet cameras with certain features like laser toys, treat dispensers, and two-way audio, let you train your pet, tell them to stop barking, and even toss treats without being present.

The lifestyles and product experts test all of the must-haves for pets and their owners, from dog beds and crates to harnesses, leashes, and indestructible dog toys, offering something for every preference and budget. When evaluating pet cams, first, we research the brands and reviews to see what consumers want and need, then our product analysts and editors try them out in real life to get a first-hand experience to assess things like picture quality, features and ease of use.


1. Play 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera:

With a sleek cube design, this Wi-Fi enabled camera features 1080p HD video, 160º wide-angle view, and night vision. Get up close to your pets with 4x digital zoom and talk to your pet from anywhere with convenient two-way audio and get real-time notifications for sound and motion alerts.

The PetCube Play 2 also features a laser pointer and built-in Alexa assistant so you can play music, hear the news, control your smart-home devices, or order your pet’s favorite treats. If preferred, PetCube Bites 2 is a similar model that offers a treat dispenser instead of laser.


2. Smart Dome Security Camera X:

Designed with 340º coverage and 1080p HD video, this advanced camera is one of the least expensive on the market yet is packed with features like two-way audio, real-time sound and motion alerts, video storage, and auto-masking mode (lens goes under the cover) for an extra sense of security, this wallet-friendly camera isn’t just for pets. You’ll get impressive image quality, night vision, and advanced algorithms that work to differentiate between humans and pets for notifications.

Enjoy seamless integration with your Google or Alexa assistant for easy voice controls. The YI Smart Dome also offers an optional 24/7 emergency response service that can immediately connect you with dispatch police, fire, or EMS with just one touch.


3. Smart Pet Camera:

See, play, talk, and toss treats to your pets with this interactive, 1080p HD video Wi-Fi pet camera. Designed for dogs and cats, fill it with your pets’ favorite treats and play a game of catch. You can live stream video to monitor your pet with a wide-angle view that functions well even in the dark. The WOpet Smart Camera’s built-in mic and speaker allow for two-way audio conversations so you can listen, talk, and reward your pet with a treat from wherever you are. You can also integrate with Alexa and have her toss out a treat with a voice command.

Things To Look For When Buying A Pet Camera:

With so many cameras on the market today, it is important to think about what your needs and budget are. Here are a few things to look for and think about before purchasing your new pet camera:

  • Two-way communication: This feature provides owners with the ability to interact with their pets through two-way audio and/or two-way live-streaming video. This allows you to talk to your pets from wherever you are so that they can hear you, interact with you, or just feel soothed by hearing your voice.
  • Video quality: Cameras with at least 720p of horizontal resolution will allow you to see what’s happening in the room while you’re gone. For an even better picture, choose a camera with 1080p; this even higher resolution that will let you zoom in closely to see your pet’s face up close and personal. For professional production quality, 4k HD video will give you the best resolution and clarity on the market.
  • Wi-Fi connection: Although a standard feature in most cameras, having a Wi-Fi connection allows you to observe your pet on your smartphone or computer from wherever you are. Having a Wi-Fi connection also means that you don’t have to worry about extra wires or placement of the camera.
  • Price:Pet cameras can get a bit pricey with added features, but there are plenty of wallet-friendly options that you will love. Decide what you need and go from there. You will find ones ranging from $35-$300.

To Sum Up:

The best dog cameras offer the features you need to monitor and calm your pet when you’re not home. A puppy cam with two-way communication and a treat dispenser might be right for some homes. Other pet owners may only need to get to the bottom of the shenanigans of a mischievous pet. Even budget-friendly pet cameras offer a glimpse into the life of your dog that can help you relax (and help keep your home in one piece) when you’re away.

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