How Can I Monitor My Pet Remotely?

I suspect that when we were growing up we all wondered what our pets do when they are home alone, but we had no choice but to put a huge camera in one place and at home so that all of the memory would fit to accommodate every type of action.

Or some people who could afford a dog watch had to leave their dear friends at home alone, hoping for the best, and watching with constant fear what might happen to their favorite animal.

Pet Camera Apps are a whole new world. Now you can connect your smartphone to any type of camera (or cameras) you have at home and monitor your pet 24/7. You can even talk to him through the app. Finally, in these apps, you can take fun and cool photos with special sounds made especially for pets.

Best Pet Monitoring Apps:

1. Pet Monitor VIGI:

Pet Monitor VIGI is a very popular iOS application also available for Android to monitor your amazing favorite furry animals. What is special about Pet Monitor VIGI is that the app sends instant notifications to your smartphone every time your pet barks, howls and causes any kind of excitement due to separation anxiety. You can respond to notifications and comfort your pet with your words through the app.

The app can not only send you notifications of sound, but also notifications of motion detection. This feature is very useful when you don’t want your pet to enter a certain room or place. In addition, Pet Monitor VIGI can automatically take photos and even record them if necessary. If you want, you can live stream everything to see what your pet is doing in real time.

Other app features include Apple Watch support, family sharing, internet streaming and communication, and an activity log to get a historical view of your pet’s behavior.

If you’re looking for a full featured pet monitor app that sends notifications and allows you to record and stream videos then give Pet Monitor VIGI a try.

Price: Pet Monitor VIGI is a premium app that costs you a one-time purchase of $4.99. There are no ads in the app.

2. Dog Monitor:

Dog Monitor is another very popular app among animal lovers for monitoring and keeping an eye on their furry friends. Although the name of the app specifically says “dog,” you can use it to monitor almost any pet, even cats. Dog Monitor works with an unlimited range. That means you are not limited to your local network but can connect the application over the internet to monitor your pet on your smartphone or tablet. One of the unique things about Dog Monitor is its ability to register commands in advance.

You may be able to command or entertain your pet remotely. For example, when your dog enters your room, you can have the device pronounce the appropriate command to prevent your pet from entering the Forbidden Realm.

The application can also send alerts and notifications when your pet makes noises such as barking or howling. Plus, you can live stream and record anything and everything for record keeping. No registration is required to use the app. Just install the app on your devices and you’re good to go.

Price: Dog Monitor is a paid app that costs you a one-time purchase of $4.99 both on iOS and Android. Of course, being a paid app, there are no ads or upsell notifications to deal with.

3. Dog Monitor & Pet Cam by Annie:

Annie’s Dog Monitor and Pet Can, a relatively new app with all the features you need to better monitor your pet. Like the previous apps, Annie’s Pet Can works over the Internet on WiFi, 3G or 4G networks and doesn’t restrict you to the local network. Annie’s Pet Cam lets you record your dog’s activities and even broadcast them live if necessary. Of course, if the app hears your pet and makes noises like barking or howling, the app will send you an instant notification. You can use this notification to open the app and see what your pet is up to and even speak to them using your device’s microphone.

One of the things I really like about this application is that you can configure the options so that the application doesn’t send unnecessary notifications for minor sounds.

Other interesting features of this app include low battery notifications and the ability to multiple pets to monitor and multiple owners so that you share the burden of monitoring your pet with other members of your family.

Price: Annie’s Dog Monitor and Pet Cam is a premium app that costs around $ 5. However, you can download the app for free and try it out for 30 minutes before purchasing.

4. PetCam:

PetCam is a relatively new application with very few installations. However, unlike previous apps, PetCam is not only compatible with iOS and Android, but also with Windows and MacOS with native apps. The app has all the basic functions such as live video streaming, photo function and sending notifications when your pet makes a noise.

During the live broadcast, you can talk to your pet and reassure them if they are misbehaving or have separation anxiety. Compared to other applications, the unique thing about PetCam is that you can switch between high and low resolution if necessary.

This is particularly useful to save data and / or save storage space. All in all, PetCam is a great app. If you’re looking for an app that is compatible with both mobile and desktop platforms, give it a try.

Price: PetCam is a premium application that works on a subscription basis. The app will cost you $ 2.49 per month or $ 25.99 per year. Unlike Annie’s PetCam, however, this app offers you a 7-day free trial to fully test the app and its features. .

To Sum Up:

If you want a full-fledged app that can monitor your dog which you are away or at work, then try Pet Monitor VIGI or Dog Monitor. If you are looking for keep track and monitor your pet’s health and other needs, then you should give 11pets a try.

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